The Two Year Transformation

At Basis@Gateshead, like so many of our projects we see people at their lowest. At Basis in particular we’re very busy patching people up and then passing them on, often not seeing what happens further down the line. Stories like the one below are good for encouraging the soul!

Phil, our Crisis Services Manager

Me and Sally our Project Team Leader at Basis went into the job centre last week to tell all the staff there about Basis and the work we do with people at risk of homelessness in Gateshead. After the talk, one of the advisers at the job centre came to us and said she had a man in last week who she’d seen two years previously. Let’s call him Mike. Two years ago Mike was sleeping rough. He was desperate and suicidal. The job centre adviser said when she saw him Mike was a complete mess, emotionally, mentally and physically. She signed him on and sent him to Basis without much hope for his future. Mike came back into the job centre just last week, and when the adviser saw him she didn’t recognise him at first until she pulled up his notes. It turned out that in the period since he’d last been in he’d taken her advice and been to Basis. At Basis, Mike had used the showers and the laundry facilities, got clothes and food, and amazingly was supported into accommodation and employment. This was a complete turn around from when she’d seen Mike two years earlier. Mike said he was only at the job centre as he was between temporary contracts and was due to start a new job in a couple of days. The adviser told us that she couldn’t believe the difference in him and Mike himself was very keen to stress that Basis had saved his life.

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