Ruth’s story, Karis project

Ruth recently left the Karis Project and told the project staff some reflections on her time at Karis:

“During my time at the Karis Project I have become a more independent and confident young woman.

The staff are always so kind and supportive with me with anything, whether it’s the smallest of things or the biggest, they have always been there. I always look forward to my support sessions, along with the laughs that we have too, I have become more confident at budgeting my money, cooking, sticking to appointments etc. There have been some tough times where I have been going through a lot and the staff were very caring. Even if I popped into the office for 5 for a cuppa they would support me through the situation. And my son too which I couldn’t thank them enough for. I have loved every minute of living in one of the Karis houses, it’s a safe place for me and I never felt as though I was alone and had no-one to turn to for help and support.”