Our Vision

The Oasis family of charities have a shared vision that we work towards. Our vision is:

For everyone to be part of a community where they are included, belong, and have the support, resources & relationships they need to play their part and reach their God given potential.

It’s a vision of a world where everyone is part of a community. Where there’s:

no isolation;

no exclusion;

no exploitation;

no underachievement;

no loneliness;

no “haves” and “have nots”.

This big dream drives us. We might not get there today, possibly not even tomorrow, but we’re committed to making it a reality for all those we work with. Out of this vision stems everything that we do.

Whilst our vision is for community, we recognise that for some, engagement with the community is not easy. Issues such as homelessness, isolation, poor health or financial exclusion can prevent people from fully belonging to their community and reaching their potential. Oasis Aquila Housing will provide services, support, and routes into the community to overcome these barriers.

Our mission therefore is:

To create access to housing and provide supportive relationships which eradicate homelessness; enable everyone to belong to their community; and journey with people as they overcome challenges and fulfil their God-given potential.

Our mission is the outworking of our vision and in particular picks up on three key themes which are very important to how we work: creating, belonging, journeying.

On our website you’ll find out lots more about who we are and what we do.