Oasis Family & Hubs

Following the merger with Oasis Housing in 2014, OAH are excited about what it means to be part of one Oasis. Oasis works in communities across the UK, as well as internationally. In each area they are working in, Oasis seek to combine a number of projects, partnerships and activities such as Education, Housing, Healthcare and Youth and Community work to complement each other and improve the specific needs of a local community. This integrated approach is called an Oasis Hub. Since the first Hub was developed in 2008, in London Waterloo, there are now 35 Oasis Hubs around the UK.

Most of the Hubs are based around academies which Oasis run, but we are looking forward to developing the first housing-led Hub in Gateshead as we work out the Oasis vision in the North East.

To find out more about the Oasis family and where they work visit http://www.oasisuk.org