Oasis Aquila Housing shortlisted for Nationwide community grant

Oasis Aquila Housing is excited to announce that they have been shortlisted to receive a Nationwide community grant.

If they win, Oasis Aquila Housing will gain £25,000 for the start-up of their second homeless drop-in centre in the North East, Basis Sunderland, which launches in January 2017.

Nationwide members can vote on which project should receive a grant from 23 October to 17 November on http://www.nationwide.co.uk/communityfundingvoting.

Crystal Hicks, Head of Business Development for Oasis Aquila Housing, commented, ‘As we have seen from our drop in centre Basis@336, having a resource centre like this can hugely impact a community.  Providing services in Sunderland as well as Gateshead will allow us to provide further reaching support to those in crisis. The Nationwide community grant would really enable us to get this project up and running as effectively as possible.’

Basis Sunderland is based on the model of Basis@336 in Gateshead, a resource centre that offers support and practical services to the homeless. By opening another centre in Sunderland, Oasis Aquila Housing hopes to support more homeless people into accommodation and reduce rough sleeping in Sunderland as well as Gateshead.

At Basis@336, service users can make use of shower and laundry facilities and have breakfast and a hot cup of tea. Staff are on hand to assist with issues associated with homelessness and can offer information, advice and guidance on a range of issues including benefits advice and support as well as referral to specialist services.

A service user at Basis@336 said, ‘Basis has been like a rock to me’, while another said, ‘If you don’t know how to fill forms out, they support you with it and they help with phoning other agencies. Not many places have free washing facilities.’

Only members of Nationwide can vote, and they can only vote once. You count as a Nationwide member if you have a Nationwide current, mortgage, or savings account.

The community grant is a result of nationwide members voting to use 1% of Nationwide’s pre-tax profits towards funding community projects.

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