Oasis Aquila Housing launches their ‘Giving a Home’ Christmas campaign

Oasis Aquila Housing is launching their 2017 ‘Giving a home’ Christmas fundraising campaign on November 17th at Gateshead College.

The event will feature their patron Rev. Kate Bottley – known for Gogglebox and Master Chef – taking part in a bake off against a member of the college. Those invited to the event include local businesses, volunteers and Gateshead College students.

Sponsored by Giraffe Lets, the ‘Giving a Home’ Christmas campaign encourages the public, community groups and business community to volunteer and fundraise for the work of Oasis Aquila Housing over the Christmas period. It runs from November 17th to January 3rd, with key dates for active participation throughout this period.

There are many ways you can get involved in the campaign. People are encouraged to bake gingerbread biscuits to sell to family and friends for donations or take part in fundraising days on December 1st, 8th or 15th at work, selling gingerbread biscuits or gingerbread themed gifts. There’ll also be the opportunity to host gingerbread gift days at local churches on December 10th and 17th to encourage donations.

Alongside the charity’s digital campaign, encouraging people to donate via text or on-line, local primary schools will also be raising awareness about homelessness on the key date of December 15th.

Their patron Rev. Kate Bottley, said, ‘Supporting the ‘Giving a home’ campaign is a fantastic way to help disadvantaged people this Christmas. No one should be alone and cold at this special time of the year and you could play a part in preventing that. There are loads of different ways to get involved: whether you love baking or simply love eating gingerbread biscuits, you can give someone the best Christmas present this year – a home. ’

David Smith, CEO of Oasis Aquila Housing, commented, ‘This campaign is a really important opportunity to raise awareness of the issues facing disadvantaged people across the North East and London. Encouraging people to donate through this campaign will have a significant impact on the people we work with and the services we can provide for them.’

This year Oasis Aquila Housing is hoping to raise at least £15,000 so that they can continue to assist vulnerable young men and women with housing and support.

To get involved in the campaign, email abbie.scott@oasisaquila.org or visit the ‘Get Involved’ section of our website.

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