What needs are we meeting?

Whilst precise statistics about homelessness are difficult to find out because many people don’t show up on official statistics, the trend is clear – homelessness is rising nationally. Government statistics show 2,714 people slept rough in England on any one night during 2014 – a 55 per cent rise on 2010. And local agencies report 7,581 people slept rough in London alone throughout 2014/15 – A 16 per cent rise on the previous year, and more than double the figure of 3,673 in 2009/10.

Rough sleeping is only a small part of the homelessness picture though, and ‘hidden homelessness’ is widely acknowledged to be the biggest problem with people in temporary accommodation such as B&Bs or staying with family/friends (‘sofa surfing’) or in other forms of hidden homelessness. Our drop-in centre Basis@336 is meeting these very real needs, supporting 767 individuals in 2014-15.

Young people are particularly at risk of homelessness and our supported accommodation projects are also meeting this need by providing stable housing for the young people to develop the skills to move on and live independently.

Our projects which run in the community, including the Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence MASH project and our two employability projects (Talent Match and BEAT) are all responding to specific needs in the area which have been identified.

From April 2014 – March 2015 our projects supported over 1000 people with housing need.