Creating, Belonging, Journeying

We have three key themes that define the character of the work we do as Oasis Aquila Housing and we aim to make these themes visible in all the work that we do.



Aspiration not apathy

Bright futures not dead ends

Potential reached not wasted

We all need support to create the future we want. We all need encouragement to hold onto our aspirations and to reach our potential. Many of the people we work with have not had many opportunities and do not believe their futures can be bright. Oasis Aquila Housing work to create aspiration, bright futures and environments in which people’s potential can be reached not wasted. We think about this when supporting young people to engage with education, training and education; we think about it when deciding where to purchase and refurbish properties, and our staff seek to foster the creation of aspiration in all their support planning with a client.



Community not isolation

Acceptance not rejection

Security not fear

We all need to belong. It gives us a launch pad to explore from and a place to return to. People who are homeless, who have been in prison, or in care or who have moved around again and again often lack this basic sense of acceptance, home, rootedness and community. Oasis Aquila Housing offers belonging, a welcome, a home, a community.



On a journey not losing the way

Moving forward not standing still

Walking tall not feeling small

Life rarely changes overnight. The road from emergency to independence, the road to recovery, to stability, safety and fulfilment can be a steep climb or a winding road that seems to stretch on and on. We all have a path to walk and on it we need people who will stick with us, who will root for us, who will offer a new option when the last one has run its course, who will believe we will make it. Oasis Aquila Housing will walk with people, for as long as it takes.