Adele’s story, Oasis Aquila No.3 project

Adele came to Oasis Aquila No.3 in January 2014 from social services and is an asylum seeker from Sierra Leone. She has been placed in care having run away from her father a few years ago.

Adele had been scheduled for FGM and on learning what this meant for her she ran away from where they had been staying. On arrival at the project, Adele had problems with confidence, self-esteem, depression and she also had significant health issues requiring dual surgery for endometriosis and bowel obstruction.

Since arriving at No.3, Adele has gradually grown in confidence. She was awarded the Jack Petchey award at the end of 2014, and received a Double Distinction for her Level 3 in Health and Social care.

Adele was detained for a period late in 2014 (through no fault of her own) and staff at No.3 assissted her and her legal team through that difficult time. Her release was secured and the local MP Harriett Harman was contacted and took an interest in her case. Due to her detention, the hospital cancelled her scheduled surgery, for which she had been waiting for over 4 years. Staff contacted the hospital and MP Harriett Harman again for assistance. MP Harriett Harman wrote to the chief executive for the hospital in November and Adele finally had her surgery in late December 2014. The surgery was a success and has helped significantly with her health problems.

Adele has now taken a break from counselling sessions that she had been having in-house at the project.  She continues to be an engaged and active member of the project who is continuing with her advanced certificate in health and social care and is an active member of her local church community.