Our Vision

For everyone to be part of a community where they are included, belong and have what they need to reach their God-given potential.

Our Mission

To transform communities by creating access to housing, addressing homelessness and journeying with people as they fulfil their God-given potential.


Our Projects

We are a housing and homelessness charity based in the North East of England with 30 years’ experience of delivering bespoke, effective services for vulnerably housed and homeless people.

Our services include:


Can Philanthropy End Homelessness?

GeNErosity Festival is happening in November and we’re so excited to be a part of it! The festival is a celebration of the difference philanthropy can make to our society. Here at Oasis Aquila Housing we’ve received some amazing gifts from individuals and groups in our community that have transformed our work. Our second homeless …

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We’re rebranding – can you help?

Oasis Aquila Housing are excited to release an invitation to tender for a new organisational rebrand and website design and build. This is a fantastic opportunity to help us shape our external image as we seek to grow and expand as a national charity moving forward. We’re looking to develop a distinctive brand that both …

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The 7 Year Itch

We’re currently crowdfunding to raise support for our homelessness drop-in centre Basis@Gateshead. After 7  years on Gateshead High Street, we’re ecstatic to have finally received the keys to our new building. We say new with some hesitation, as the building most certainly isn’t that! There’s a lot of work to be done to transform it …

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The Two Year Transformation

At Basis@Gateshead, like so many of our projects we see people at their lowest. At Basis in particular we’re very busy patching people up and then passing them on, often not seeing what happens further down the line. Stories like the one below are good for encouraging the soul! Phil, our Crisis Services Manager Me …

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