“When you get your ‘who am I’ question right, all of your ‘what should I do’ questions tend to take care of themselves” Richard Rhor

We have individual ‘who am I’s’ and we also have corporate “who are we’s?” As writer Simon Silec shows everything we do, and the way we do it, has at its core the “why”, the “who am I”, the “what is my life about”.


Our ‘why’ across  Oasis, our ‘who are we’ is that we are 6 organisations with a joint belief that everyone should be part of a community where they are included, belong, and have the support, resources and relationships they need to play their part and reach their God-given potential. A community in which there is:

No isolation

No exclusion

No exploitation

No loneliness

No “haves” and “have nots”

Because we believe this, because this is who we are, it follows that there are many things we have to do to combat homelessness, poverty, abuse, and all the other things that create isolation and exclusion and get in the way of this vision being a reality.

At Oasis Aquila Housing, we will each have different answers to the ‘who am I’ on an individual level, this will be informed by our world view, our belief systems, our philosophies and our context. The challenge for each of us is to be people who are seeking to reduce the dissonance between who we say we are or want to be, and who we are in reality. We grow up, by growing down, developing deeper well watered roots. So this week, as you work towards our collective ‘who are we’, pay attention also to the individual ‘who am I’.  Nurture it, and in the busiest, most demanding moments of the working week let it bring you strength.