There is a verse in Johns Gospel, where Jesus says

 ‘I have come that they may have life, life in all its fullness.’

It has always been an important statement to us, it’s what we mean by being a Christian organisation. This is what we exist for:

Life for the young woman at Naomi flats struggling to feel valuable having had her child removed from her

Life the young person at the Foyer telling us their ambitions and applying for college

Life for the young woman at No 3 fighting for asylum

Life for the young mum at Elizabeth House, coming out of an abusive relationship and coping with a new baby

Life for the young woman at Naomi glassy eyed and volatile from taking something

Life for the mam at Karis, expecting her child and trying to establish good patterns for her family

Life for the man at Basis Beds kicking the window in, full of frustration at his poor mental health

Life for the young woman housed by the Social Lettings Agency starting her cleaning job

Life for the family in our Domestic Abuse service, struggling to stay safe

Life for the man in Basis losing his cool, again

Life for the mam in Family Stability Service, struggling to order chaos

Life for the Talent Match young women starting a beauty course

Life for the Bond Scheme man, starting over, with dignity

Life for the BEAT young man getting a foot on the ladder for the first time


Life for our staff

Life for our volunteers

Life for our communities…

And not just the minimum to be able to consider it ‘life’ but LIFE IN ALL ITS FULNESS. Life in technicolour.