Fundraise with Oasis Aquila Housing

Fundraising Committee

Our fundraising committee consists of a team of committed volunteers who are passionate about tackling homelessness. We meet regularly to brainstorm creative fundraising ideas and organise fundraising events. The next meeting is on Wednesday 17th January. If you would like to be involved, please email

Workplace Fundraising

Looking for a good team building challenge? Wanting to show off your baking skills? Keen to motivate the office to do some good? Then fundraise for us. It is a great way to have fun whilst supporting a good cause. From employee volunteering to getting involved in one of our workplace fundraising days there are loads of opportunities to support us.


Individual Fundraising

If you fancy taking on a big challenge like the Great North Run or encouraging your family and friends to donate to good causes through bake sales, then we would love you to support us. We have regular initiatives you can get involved in and we always love to hear from people who have new ideas about how to raise money. We have a number of suggested challenges to help volunteers better understand the cause they are supporting:

  • ‘Prohibition’- give up alcohol for the month and donate what you save
  • Sponsored ‘sleep out’ – experience being homeless for a night (better to do in a group!)
  • Live below the line – live on £1/day for 5 days and donate what you save
  • Sponsored ‘sleeping rough’ week – give up your bed for the week and sleep on your bedroom floor
  • Sponsored ‘sofa surf’ – commit to sleeping on a different sofa every night for a week


Support Our Campaigns

Throughout the year we run campaigns to raise awareness of what we do and to encourage people to give to our work. Our success relies on people getting out there and raising awareness of our campaigns.

Contact or for more info or to get involved.