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Hearing the individual stories of change is the best way to find out about how our work makes a difference. Many service users come to our projects in times of real difficulty: whether fleeing from situations of abuse; struggling with substance misuse and poor mental health; or currently experiencing homelessness. Read these stories to find out about the different ways our projects have helped people to feel included and that they belong to a community, feel positive about the future by creating opportunities and aspiration, and have journeyed with people along the way. These stories of change show a snapshot of the support we've offered and how that has affected our service users. All names in the stories have been changed to ensure anonymity.

James’ story, Fair Chance Project

James was referred to the Fair Chance Project at the beginning of the year, having been evicted from supported accommodation for drug use. James also had issues around his mental health, as well as offending.

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Mary’s story, BEAT & Basis@336 project

Mary had never even had an interview before when she was told she had to find employment after several years of being too unwell to work. At the time she didn’t have a place to call home and was sofa-surfing between houses of different family and friends; she had no idea how to start looking …

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Adele’s story, Oasis Aquila No.3 project

Adele came to Oasis Aquila No.3 in January 2014 from social services and is an asylum seeker from Sierra Leone. She has been placed in care having run away from her father a few years ago.

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Sarah’s story, Fulfilling Lives project

Sarah has recently been released from prison for shoplifting. Whilst in prison she lost her council tenancy and all her benefits stopped. When she was released she had nowhere to live and no money, so was sofa surfing with friends and family.

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