Category: Homelessness

All our supported accommodation projects started in response to the need for homelessness interventions. However, in 2010 we opened Basis@336 as a drop in service for people in Housing Crisis and our services catering for homelessness have grown and evolved since. We run a Bond Scheme project to help people access the private rented sector; we are the No Second Night Out provider in the Gateshead area; we run a project specifically for young people aged 18-24 who have previously been evicted from supported accommodation; and we are a core partner for an innovative programme seeking to join up services for people with multiple & complex needs across Newcastle and Gateshead. Click the links below to read more about these projects.

Fair Chance Project

The Fair Chance Project is run from Basis@336 and works with young people aged 18-24 living in Gateshead who have been evicted from supported accommodation projects and are experiencing a chaotic lifestyle. The project works intensively with service users to ensure that they are living in suitable accommodation and can maintain their tenancy, and then …

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Mary’s story, BEAT & Basis@336 project

Mary had never even had an interview before when she was told she had to find employment after several years of being too unwell to work. At the time she didn’t have a place to call home and was sofa-surfing between houses of different family and friends; she had no idea how to start looking …

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Bond Scheme

Many people struggle to access housing in the private rented sector due to the high upfront costs. This is particularly true for people who have been homeless and may also face the barrier of having no track record behind them of successful tenancies. The Oasis Aquila Bond Scheme (OABS) addresses this by helping previously homeless …

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Fulfilling Lives

The Fulfilling Lives project is an eight year programme, funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, working across Newcastle and Gateshead, aimed at supporting individuals who struggle with multiple & complex needs. This is a new service, one of twelve throughout England, and Oasis Aquila Housing are one of the three core partners, …

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