Atticus’s Story

Atticus lived at the Foyer, an OAH project in Croydon, for just over one year. He had just turned 18 when he moved in. 

Before moving in to the Foyer Atticus had been studying at College. He stopped going after his father left and his relationship with his mum deteriorated. He was ‘angry and manic’, after quitting college he was around the house too much which led to arguments and his mum asked him to leave. A friend suggested he go to the council , which he did. After living in a B&B he was referred to the Foyer. 

Once at the Foyer he started a new college, studying dance. He remained in college during his time at the Foyer. He felt his biggest achievements from his time with us were;

– Learning tolerance of and respect for others

– Gaining friendships, social skills and interpersonal skills

– Gaining organisational skills

– Being able to deal with challenges including looking for work and purchasing and cooking food for himself. 

He said ” staff told me if you’re good here we can find you somewhere else to live… it motivated me.” When he was ready our staff moved him into his own council flat.

He said the flat was in a real mess when he moved in and needed serious redecoration. It didn’t seem like a big problem because he said “I’d learnt to cope with things while at the Foyer.. and I knew it wouldn’t be forever, I just had to push though and work harder.”

Atticus has been in his flat now for 5 years, and as of today has gained the right to purchase the flat which he is hoping to do. After completing his dance college course he gained a 2:1 in Urban Dance Practice at Uni and is in the first term of his masters in Contemporary Performance Practice. 

Alongside his studies he teaches undergrads at the Uni, teaches dance in Primary Schools and works in a bar in the evenings. Staff at the Foyer hope that he will be interviewed and dance at our Christmas Achievement Event, to encourage other residents with what they can achieve.